At present, most graduates are equipped with the standard knowledge of the professions they are trained in. However, soft skills such as teamwork skills, communication skills, information seeking, problem solving, etc. are also limited to the labor market.

In my opinion, I find the students to be well-equipped and well-qualified. However, they still do not meet the needs of employers as the lack of soft skills. Many students have not recognized their role and position in the workplace, they do not have the skills to build personal image, so they do not develop their full potential successfully. While foreign students are often active and professional in extracurricular activities or social activities, Vietnamese students lack soft skills in these activities. Therefore, when graduating with a high academic score, they still do not pass the “grid” of employers. Many entrepreneurs have complained that new employees are still required to be trained.

The individuality of Vietnamese students is high; therefore, their team work group is not effective. It is necessary and urgent for students to be trained soft skills. Besides teaching professional knowledge, the school has soft skills training programs so that students can confidently enter the new working environment. Also, the school should coordinate with companies to set programs to supplement soft skills for students.

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